DanMagi: Redefining Cloud-Based Wi-fi & The End User Experience

CIO Vendor Cloud-based solutions have been setting new benchmarks for information exchange, storage and retrieval. The global Wi-Fi market alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.8% by 2026, with increasing adoption among various industries. However, increased downtime, inability to handle wide traffic bandwidths, and vulnerability to cyber-attacks has persisted as a cause of concern for consumers in accepting cloud-based services. Many service providers claim to have cloud-based solutions but end up making the process more sluggish and ill-protected for the end-users. Contemporary customers are in need of protected and performance optimized cloud-based software solutions that can make their business processes easy in a safe cloud space.

Fulfilling this need is DanMagi. Based out of Denmark and India, the company is a widely acknowledged name in the global network connectivity and Wi-Fi solutions domain. Its complete cloud-based solution and commitment in delivering applications that meet the expectations of its client has created a disruption in IT Network service. Its expansive presence in three continents is spread over 30 countries. Daniel Lister, CEO at DanMagi, who is the ideas behind the business spends considerable time between Denmark and India with his team, says, "We can offer service support faster than any of the competitors. We have completed five consecutive years of no down time; it's an industry record. We are an enthusiastic IT company with a disruptive product line. Our services are sleeker, user friendly and faster as compared to our competitors. We initiated with a global accessibility in India, Denmark, Brazil and major European areas attributed to our strong and disruptive product profiles from five years of active research."

Best-in-class Guest and Client Experience
The core team of software engineers at DanMagi dedicates sincere efforts to tailoring the solutions as needed by the consumers. Daniel adds, "Most of our customers will agree that we have always delivered better than what they expected. We have a major consumer segment that is with us for more than a decade, and a major portion of our revenue is created from recommendations from our existing customers." DanMagi is the innovator and developer of its proprietary cloud-based interface. It is focused on turning a solution from being a point of connection to a rich source of consumer information for its clients. It is renowned among its clients for prompt executions and on-site accessibility being needless in its services, saving crucial time for its consumers.

Daniel says, "The major issue lies in creating a unique guest experience and ensuring all activities like authentication, verification, terra-logging being run and monitored by a single server meant that it would eventually fail. This is a major cause leading to the foundation of DanMagi and the challenge the team took on and delivered. Though at the beginning we had the ideas, the experience, the confidence, yet we were going into unchartered territory but could we deliver this disruptive technology? At DanMagi, we believe in providing quality guest internet and experience irrespective of the venue. We have combined multiple solutions in one clever software solution delivered through the cloud, and it is highly reliable, secure and cost-effective.

Whereas, our competitors need several boxes to accommodate even some of the basic features leading to increasing cost, multiple points of failure and a poor experience for the end-user."DanMagi assists its clients in consumer acquaintance by creating a profile and capturing their in-store behaviors aids in expanding consumer reach through personalized offers and promotions. Thus, its approach towards exceeding consumer expectations through DanMagi's expert consultation and services has resulted in redefining cloud-based Wi-Fi.

DanMagi's aim has always been to deliver the best guest experience, which is smooth in connectivity and delivery. It has to work rigorously behind the screens to ensure that the guest gets single click connectivity to all his/her devices. Daniel says, "Our solutions are very much plug-and-play and are built with a simplified end-user operation. The data centers are also spread equally across the globe along with sub-data centers. We have an amazing team of software engineers who have made DanMagi solutions flexible with advanced technology."

The Success Mantra
Daniel says, "We have always remained focused on the core network and the connectivity. Our competitors offer their services in multiple boxes, often where they have no control or say of the software, which makes them exposed to unstable environments with multiple points of failure. Not forgetting expensive to deploy and maintain. We can customize our Wi-Fi solutions as per our customer needs, and we have a minimum downloading and
processing time for updates and service changes of a few seconds which none of our competitors can simply match.

"Daniel has previously worked as a Major Accounts and Marketing Director at a renowned US Wi-Fi service provider based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The exceptional exposure to the industry-led leadership of DanMagi identifies that traditional gateway onsite can never match the expectations of enhancing the consumer experience. After a series of brainstorming sessions, planning, executions and incurring investment, and four years later, DanMagi arrived with its proprietary solution in the market.

Daniel adds, “From our very start, we have equally focused and distributed our operations across three continents. We have an office in Gurgaon, India and in Copenhagen, Denmark and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We operate with a very small team of individuals, mostly because of our product being cloud-based does not require us to have staff in every country we operate. Our solutions are completely remotely managed. They are very much plug and play and are built with a simplified end-user operation. We started off purely internet connectivity and banked on the idea that consumers visiting a hotel would hardly buy a movie than preferring to watch on one's own device. We have focused on the security aspect and ensured that every channel is unique. That is one of the technologies we developed on the connectivity of internet and end-user utility.” Keen interest on upgrading in accordance with industrial requirements and keeping clients a step ahead of their competition is a significant trait of DanMagi's journey since its inception.

Keen interest on upgrading in accordance with industrial requirements and keeping clients a step ahead of their competition is a significant trait of DanMagi's journey since its inception

Adapting to the Pandemic situation
DanMagi has been going robustly since its inception, which hit a roadblock due to the passing away of one of its founding partners. The COVID-19 pandemic had a catastrophic effect on the hospitality sector, in which DanMagi has a dominant consumer base. The changing rules along international borders, travelling bans, flight restrictions and partial or countrywide lockdowns have strangulated the growth in hospitality which had been reflected in reducing internet traffic. However, with the changing situation, DanMagi is observing strong growth in its hospitality clients again as the world fights back against the COVID-19 repression.

The company had a contingency plan ready for its internal operations with a brief forecast of the COVID-19 outbreak. It has helped in stabilizing the internal operations subsequently deliveries to the clients. Daniel adds, "So, we did face initial hurdles but grew strong as an organization, and this pandemic has taught us that adaptability is the key to a sustainable future. Being a part of a cloud-based industry, we do not have huge costs in manufacturing equipment, offices, and supplies. We have a team of very skilled professionals. All of them have been retained amid this crisis."

“We can offer service support faster than any of the competitors. We have completed five consecutive years of no down time; it's an industry record”

Looking at the Future
Daniel adds, "We have always remained focused on the core network and connectivity. In the past, some of our competitors arrived with fancy TV solutions and other options which had never been accepted and appreciated by the market as a "FAD". They disappear almost as quickly as they arrived. I believe that a technology change is the biggest constant, but as a user, I need to connect swiftly. I believe that at DanMagi we are constantly working on upgrading the connectivity flow for our clients and to the end-users." "You can hang all sorts of bell and whistles out there but it is the "connection" that counts". "We know the pain barrier, time needed and cost to develop a solution like DanMagi so we know that even now direct competition is some distance away. However, we are not complacent and remain focused on moving customers from the "old ways of thinking" to something new, reliable and exciting."

DanMagi ventured into the market with a new disruptive technology that was difficult for existing big enterprises to adopt. Therefore, DanMagi had to face tough pricing competitions, specifically from the established players. Initially, the consumer resisted adapting to new technologies, specifically at higher price points. Still, now the consumers are very sound and are consistently taking the big leap of faith and trusting in DanMagi solutions more than ever. It is dedicatedly working on cloud-based platforms that will improvise end-user utility and increase consumer reaches subsequently revenue for its clients. It has always prioritized the qualitative aspect for the creation, development, branding, selling and execution of its products and is determined to continue pursuit of technological excellence in Cloud-based Wi-Fi solutions.