Eion Wireless: Delivering Transformational End-To-End Wireless Solutions

CIO Vendor EION Wireless, headquartered in Canada prides itself on keeping up with the latest innovations, with the recent launch of its powerful WiFi 6 multi-gigabit outdoor Access Points, a first of its kind for outdoor applications. EION has a long-standing history in India. For more than a decade, EION has deployed tens of thousands of wireless links nationally, earning them a strong Top Ten position in the country. The underpinnings of their success in India has been their early entry into Gujarat (GSWAN) over a decade ago, followed by large enterprise deployments in the Indian Oil & Gas sectors, and rural, urban and broadband 4G wireless networks through BSNL and Tata Communications Ltd., to name a few.

Today, ten newly minted airports in India are the proud users of EION wireless products, for video surveillance and air traffic control. Their recent entry into the Telecom IoT space and the launch of lowcost LTE CPEs that are interoperable with Tier I vendors’ base stations, are being trialed for a national roll out in India, and continue to get significant traction.

The networking landscape is continually reshaping itself with the advent of emerging technologies such as 5G, Machine Learning, Consumer and Industrial IoT, WiFi 6 and SD WAN. These technology trends, in tandem with an increasing consumption of bandwidth-demanding applications, are driving the requirement for ubiquitous and much faster wireless connectivity. Thus, advanced wireless connectivity solutions are aimed at ensuring low end-to-end latency, better capacity, significantly improved device connectivity, higher data rates and consistent Quality of Experience. In conjunction with this, consumers demand that WiFi networks be adequately equipped to deliver future digital applications like multiple streams of 4K TV, 8K video, VR and AR with superior levels of quality.

Fulfilling this burgeoning global demand is EION Wireless. With offices and Global Customer Support Operations in India and Multiple Regional Sales Offices around the globe, EION’s market-leading portfolio of powerful, cost-effective solutions for IoT devices, Outdoor WiFi, Indoor WiFi, Tunnel WiFi and Street WiFi are equipped to address customers’ diverse requirements.

Established in 2001, EION is a global provider of 4G Broadband Solutions, with WiFi, high-speed short and medium-haul wireless products and 4G LTE solutions. The three-pillars of their success are the combination of carrier-class IP experience, wireless networking skills, and security expertise which enable EION to deliver highly-reliable and secure communication solutions to its partners. “We at EION Wireless understand the needs and challenges of our partners and innovate through better designs and engineering capabilities,” says Manoj Awatramani, Head of EION Wireless Sales in India.
Deploying Secure Products is a Key Differentiator
EION’s TrustLink delivers stable throughput, outdoor, multimedia rich applications in an unlicensed band, and provides interference mitigation, increased system performance, low latency and Quality of Experience.

To address the enhanced security requirements of network operators, EION Wireless has introduced TrustLink-256 technology, inclusive of strong data security features such as AES-256 encryption in addition to management security and user authentication. The TrustLink-256 security infrastructure software enhancements can be added to radio via a software key upgrade.

The company follows a multi-tiered approach to overall network security, namely:

We At Eion Wireless Understand The Needs And Challenges Of Our Partners And Try To Innovate Through Better Designs And Engineering Capabilities

Payload Security: Ensures data security using advanced encryption techniques;

Management Security: Ensures traffic management is secure and accessible to only authorized users; and

Physical Security: Ensures protection of devices from unauthorized tampering.

Delivering a Wide Range of Products for Various Domains

EION has been leveraging industry standards to provide best-in-the-business solutions to various domains such as Defense & Intelligence, Enterprise & Government, Oil & Gas, and Security & Surveillance. The company provides IEEE802.11ac UBR Radios – Teralink - which deliver superior outdoor Point-to-Multipoint topology networks and serve in a Point-to-Point role as well, at very high signaling rates. These TeraLink high capacity radio systems also offer a competitive alternative to leased lines, wired and optical systems. TeraLink uses advanced OFDM and MIMO technologies to deliver breakthrough performance in the unlicensed band.

EION’s new WiFi 6 Access Points, StreamPlus and Stream-Pro, use the 802.11ax standard which has a 10,000 sq. ft. coverage capacity for Public WiFi and Wireless ISP applications. Manoj Awatramani reveals the future plans for the company as he signs off, “We have strong depth in wireless RF and a broad understanding of customer applications to deliver costeffective transformational wireless networks. We continue to expand our partner and reseller network in India with our service entity - Cedarview Technology - which works as our local extension.”