SmartAd Solutions and Services: Redefining the Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Experience

CIO Vendor Last year, when TRAI was testing concept of PDO (Public Data Office) with a few Companies and App providers to check its potential to scale public Wi-Fi hotspots in India, small Technology Bootstrapped Startup based in Alibaug, inspired from ‘Google Wi-Fi’ and ‘Digital India Campaign’ was doing its POC project in Alibaug called as ‘DigitALibaug Public Wi-Fi - Digital Alibaug Initiative’; where they offer 24/7 free Wi-Fi service for 1 hour per user per day post showing ad of local business or brand to the user. Every Wi-Fi user has to watch 15 second interactive banner Ad or 30-40 second video ad before logging-in on Wi-Fi captive portal page.
During POC, with few reputed local brands/advertisers on board, this project got huge response from the public and they got 25,000+ unique registered Wi-Fi users in the 1st 12 months. Side by side, they scaled this up to 10 prime locations in Alibaug which includes famous Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Jetty, Alibaug ST Stand, JSM College and others.
Now, more local businesses, big brands and hotels are showing interest in their solution. The first government recognized technology startup based in Alibaug, Maharashtra, SmartAd Solutions and
Services LLP founded by Shahab Buran (Age 28, B.E. Electronics & Telecommunication) explains how the company enables such Smart PDOs which can be deployed as stand alone system along with access points and prepaid vouchers that can be monetized location-wise with the help of its end-to-end Smart Wi- Fi Advertising Solution which can display interactive digital ads like video ads, banner ads or text Ads. “Other companies which are offering such Wi-Fi Solution for enterprises or Hotels are mostly dependent upon their own set of hardware or firmware. However, our Wi-Fi Solution does not rely on any specific hardware,” reveals Sameer Kambli (Age 37, B.E. Electronics), Co-founder, leading the Network and Wi-Fi Operations sector at SmartAd.
Enhancing Brand Value
Catering to a host of well renowned clientele in their area, the team works with various advertisers and clients in smart marketing and branding of their products or services by leveraging its cutting-edge Smart Wi-Fi Solutions encompassing Smart Responsive Digital Ads (Text Ad, Banner Ad or Video Ad), Smart Targeting Options and Smart Reporting System. “We follow systematic Ad Campaign Management Cycle along with day-wise tracking and analysis of every single Ad served through our platform for different clients,” adds Shahab Buran.

A fairly recent entrant in the market, SmartAd and its team of experienced engineers are specialized in delivering legally compliant smart Wi-Fi hotspot solutions, smart ad campaign management and analysis and smart Wi-Fi marketing & digital branding. Being the Founder & CTO, heading the Product R&D, Ad-Operations and Marketing Department, Shahab ensures the solutions extended to the customers are designed to be highly customizable. The type of user authentication to connect with Wi-Fi whether it is mobile number + OTP, social media or voucher based login, it can be tailored accordingly. In addition to this, one can customize download and upload speed limit for both free and paid usage, enable desired time limit for both free and paid usage, design the welcome page for better user experience, customize the login page and White-list or Blacklist particular Websites/Domains/IPs along with a host of other benefits. Successfully delivering smart Wi- Fi solutions at an economical cost and receiving a staggering response across this domain in a short span of time, SmartAd is currently discussing potential collaborations with a few government bodies and big companies to roll out such Smart PDOs (Public Data Offices) specially designed for rural areas and public/ tourist places like Alibaug.