DIGISOL SYSTEMS The Evolution of a Networking Powerhouse

CIO Vendor With the market for passive products getting increasingly crowded, brands were struggling to make a mark despite years of operations. It was at this point, Naik felt that the market had saturated and that the next step had to be DIGILINK competing with global giants. The opportunity came in the form of Schneider Electric, which was looking to strengthen its presence in passive products. 31st March of the year 2010 was thus marked in the history of the company with the transfer of DIGILINK’s business to Schneider Electric at Rs. 503 crores, keeping in view the pre-eminent position of the networking pioneer in India.

Reconstruction for Adequate Focus
Smartlink also underwent a major restructuring exercise where Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. was rechristened to Smartlink Holdings Ltd. Now, Smartlink Holdings Ltd. is an NBFC with assets, cash, and investments including investment in three individual companies. Smartlink Holdings Ltd. has been restructured into three subsidiaries, each with a strong focus in their line of business.

1. DIGISOL Systems Ltd.: DIGISOL Brand Networking Products Company with teams for engineering sales, marketing and support, and service across India. It has a full range of Active and Passive networking (Structured Cabling) products.

2. Synegra EMS Ltd.: Active Networking Products EMS/ODM Manufacturing Company with teams for component sourcing and manufacturing. Its facilities include SMT lines, Assembly & Testing lines, etc. at Verna Industrial Estate, Goa. It caters to Active networking product needs of DIGISOL as well as active and other electronic products manufacturing needs of companies and brands who wish to manufacture in India.

3. Telesmart SCS Ltd.: Passive Networking Products Manufacturing Company (ODM) in copper and
fiber range with facilities that include Assembly & Testing lines at Verna Industrial Estate, Goa. It has an engineering team for design and development of Copper and Fiber Products along with a component sourcing team. DIGISOL has set a new benchmark in the Converged Communication Systems space by offering a wide range of products across the IT networking spectrum that includes Active Networking as well as Structured Cabling Solutions. Thus, we say with pride that DIGISOL offers a portfolio of end-to-end networking products and solutions.
DIGISOL is committed to the MAKE IN INDIA initiative of the Government of India and most of its best selling products, like ADSL Routers, Broadband Routers and Switches are made in India by the group Company, SYNEGRA. Similarly DIGISOL majority passive products are made in Telesmart. DIGISOL has been able to build a name for itself in the Active Networking Products market, thanks to Smartlink Holdings Ltd.’s legacy built on quality products, PAN India distribution and excellent after sales service.

The range of DIGISOL Active
Networking Products includes:
• Broadband and ADSL Routers
• 4G/3G Routers and USB Dongles
• Switching: Unmanaged, Semi managed, Managed and Chassis
• Enterprise Wireless: Indoor & outdoor
• IP Surveillance: Dome, Bullet, Pan-Tilt, NVR

DIGISOL Structured Cabling Solutions
DIGISOL introduced the range of Passive Products under DIGISOL brand last year. The range of DIGISOL Passive Networking products includes Copper, Fiber as well as FTTH solutions. Products adhere to EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC international standards. RoHS compliant products are backed by international 25 years product warranty performance. With its strong presence in SMB & Enterprise, DIGISOL works with regional and national SIs for an enhanced presence in large-scale projects. DIGISOL’s Structured Cabling Systems fulfill the network connectivity needs of medium to small businesses and home networks.
Structured Cabling Product Range
COPPER range of products include all types of Keystones in Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6 A, all types of Patch Panels in CAT 5E, Cat 6 and Cat 6A, all types of Solid Cables, Multi Strand Cables, Patch Cords and Face Plates. FIBER range of products includes all types of Cables, Patch Cords, Pig Tails, LIUs and range of Adapters. FTTH range of products includes Splitters, FDBs, Fiber Output and ODFs.
Relentless Innovation and Excellence
The streak of innovation and excellence does not end here. Each subsidiary of Smartlink continues to march forward with unwavering commitment to the company’s core values while working in close alignment to their own unique strategy that not only distinguishes them on various front but helps them better execute at every stage, from product conceptualization and innovation to manufacturing, bolstering Smarlink’s competitive position. DIGISOL is also focusing along the same lines, making great strides in the direction of its customers and aims to further enrich their environment with an array of new offerings while growing on new market opportunities. When asked about what it takes to tick off all the right boxes and continue on the ladder of success, K.R. Naik said, “The key is to understand customers’ needs, expectations and fuse it with market and technology trends; ultimately delivering to one’s customers through a carefully selected and trained set of partners. Most importantly, this is a continuous and innovative process.