Airlabs: Reshaping the Future of Enterprise Wi-Fi Technology

CIO Vendor Enterprises are increasingly opting for managed Wi-Fi solutions and services to improve their core business while enabling multiple devices to communicate remotely on a single platform, as well as share files and other resources. Additionally, various government initiatives are significantly propelling the rapid adoption of internet and smart devices. While Wi-Fi solutions may be gaining momentum with its widespread use, the ISP community needs to fiercely protect traffic that flows across the network. Concerns are being raised with regards to the security of the internet connection as it increasingly falls prey to malicious attacks that can near cripple a company. Organizations expect a Wi-Fi solution provider to deliver reliable, secure and legally compliant Wi-Fi as a service. Addressing the issue at hand related to insecure Wi-Fi network within the workspace environment, Mumbai headquartered Airlabs leverages its expertise in this domain to facilitate clients with secure and customizable Wi-Fi solutions that permit employees and visitors internet access on Wi-Fi by integration to employee databases, visitor management solutions, access cards and mobile verification based authentication. An innovative product and managed services company, Airlabs solution supports IoT device authentication with differential QoS and daily volume quota. “The solution architecture provides best in class UTM and cyber risk protection at each node (the gateway, switches and access points). This allows the WLAN, LAN and Internet Access to be completely protected from all sorts of attacks and threats,” explains Amit Dhekne, MD, and CEO at Airlabs. In conjunction with this, Airlabs also provide client applications to protect users against rogue and honeypot access points, malicious clients, RF snooping and man in the middle attacks.

The Ideal Wi-Fi Solution at an Economical Cost
With the team's combined experience in the WLAN, AAA, UX, IoT and Wi-Fi domain, the company designs and delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailormade for each industry vertical it caters to like Hospitality, Malls, Education, Workspaces, Retail, and Townships. Meeting the needs of each segment with a different approach, every solution has a unique design and are diverse in nature, empowering customers with a pay-asyou-go OpEx model which includes managed services. “While other product companies would either provide
their solution on CapEx model or charge for bulk licenses, we offer a complete solution and managed services on a per hotspot OpEx model enabling ISPs to offer Wi-Fi services with zero initial investment or resources,” reveals Amit. Furthermore, ISPs pay Airlabs only when a customer is completely onboard for the bundled Wi-Fi and ILL services thereby making it a cost-effective solution. Having successfully deployed its cutting-edge suite of Wi-Fi solutions across the broad spectrum of industries, Airlabs is currently working in tandem with two leading ISPs in India. Having gained adequate technical expertise in this domain, the company is striving towards forging alliances with regional as well as international ISPs and are in demo and trial stages. Gearing up for this change and investing in advancing technologies, Airlabs is in the process of strengthening its sales team and channel partners.