JNS Systech: Facilitating Enterprises with End-to-end Digital Connectivity

CIO Vendor Wi-Fi has been widely touted as the backbone of digital infrastructure across several countries owing to its ability to bring high-quality internet access across the most unconnected domains. Corroborating this fact are Marketsandmarkets’ research reports which forecast the Global Wi-Fi market to grow at a CAGR of 21.2 percent and reach USD 15.6 billion by 2022. Some of the factors driving this growth are the increased proliferation of mobile devices, the rapidly growing adoption of BYOD and IoT within enterprises, along with the rising digitalization of businesses which together are revolutionizing the Wi-Fi market space across different verticals. However, even with Wi-Fi growing at a fast pace globally, building a network of digital connectivity is still a daunting task for many countries as bandwidth costs and the absence of an ecosystem of partnerships between the government and the operators, are impeding this growth. Acknowledging these concerns, New
Delhi headquartered JNS Systech Pvt. Ltd. steps forward to address them with a comprehensive suite of Networking and Data Center solutions to optimize digital connectivity for businesses.

Since its inception in 2014, JNS Systech has been focused on providing solutions and consultation services in the networking domain, with an extensive focus on designing technologies for Wi-Fi and IT Hardware. Recognizing the need of modern workspaces today for greater and more versatile internet coverage, JNS Systech’s solutions have been designed to bring connectivity with a higher degree of speed and coverage, while also minimizing compatibility issues and speeding up application deliveries across the IT and IoT environments of offices.
“Most customers today are seeking to implement cost-effective Wi- Fi solutions that provide greater coverage and capacity with seamless roaming. JNS Systech adopts a holistic approach to creating Wi-Fi solutions that can meet these varied demands of customers,” affirms Mahesh Thakur, Co-founder, JNS Systech. The company’s expansive portfolio of offerings includes Wireless Installation, Site Survey & Consultancy, Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi solutions, Wi-Fi Underground Communication, Mining Wi-Fi solutions, Hotspot Solutions, Wireless Bridges, Data-Centers, DCM, WLAN, and Storage Solutions. In order to equip customers with seamless Wireless Installation, JNS Systech leverages the technical prowess of its team of engineers to provide an inclusive suite of Wireless execution services. These services encompass System and Configuration Design, Controller Configuration, System to go-live, Post Deployment Site Survey, Connectivity, Security and Performance Testing and Documentation services. Moreover, understanding that wireless site surveys form a crucial aspect of implementation of wireless networks, JNS Systech facilitates customers with Wireless LAN Site Surveys that include Visual Wireless Site Surveys and quotations for New Wireless Networks, Wireless Network Design and Report, and Wireless Network Planning and Design using RF Modeling and reproduction. JNS Systech also specializes in providing Campus Wi-Fi solutions and has carried out several deployments across a number of industry verticals including hospitality, healthcare, and education. The company also leverages associations with other prominent networking technology enterprises, including Altai Technologies, a provider of carrier-grade WiFi products with deployments in over 100 countries. In partnership with Altai, JNS Systech caters to the deployment of Altai’s Super Wi-fi products which includes a complete portfolio of indoor and outdoor solutions for carriers, WISPs, and enterprises to support a wide range of enterprise applications. Having operated in the networking domain for almost five years, JNS Systech has gained adequate industry expertise through its various engagements. Leveraging this position, the company has a number of projects lined up for the future including the installation of Township Wi-Fi and Industrial Automation for Power Plants. JNS Systech also envisions expansion in the upcoming future.