Cambium Networks: Connecting People, Places & Things

CIO Vendor India is evolving as a significant market for connectivity. Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi with fixed wireless broadband infrastructure is a proven solution to deploy connectivity in a matter of days by extending the fibre core. Major driving factors behind the expansion include the government's focus on the Digital India campaign and Wi-Fi hotspots in rural areas, coupled with a surge in residential Wi-Fi needs owing to an increase in working from home during the pandemic. The government is committed to connecting each village with at least one Wi-Fi hotspot in more than 7.5 lakh villages as part of Digital India Initiative under Bharat Broadband Network Ltd. Also, the surge in demand due to work and education from home dramatically increased the need for last-mile connectivity from service providers.

Today, service providers, enterprises, and government agencies look for Wi-Fi solutions that can be rapidly deployed, are cost-efficient, and provide consistently reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to providing Wi-Fi access, operators need to have unified network solutions that include not only the Wi-Fi access points (AP), but also the switches and backhaul infrastructure that connect the APs. With centralized management and automation, operators can best leverage their resources to manage the larger networks that scale to meet demand. With automation and unified management, they can provide the highest possible coverage and capacity at a low total cost of ownership.

One such company that excels in offering a complete solution with fixed wireless, Wi-Fi (indoor and outdoor), switches, and centralized management is Bangalore-based Cambium Networks. Cambium Networks is an industry leader in multi-gigabit fixed wireless and indoor & outdoor Wi-Fi solutions. "We know how to rapidly deploy Wi-Fi hotspots that deliver the capacity and coverage needed. Also, we provide a proven fixed wireless infrastructure that delivers multi-gigabit wireless infrastructure for Wi-Fi APs and associated switches in an integrated solution," says Rajiv Kapoor, Vice President, Cambium Networks.

Innovators in radio technology
As innovators in radio technology, Cambium Networks delivers Wi-Fi 6, and centrally managed, purpose-built fixed wireless solutions that deliver multi-gigabit performance with high efficiency. The company has shipped more than 10 million radios since Cambium Networks was spun-out of Motorola in 2011. "Our 10,000 Connected Partners and 700
employees connect people, places, and things in more than 150 countries across six continents," affirms Rajiv.

Implementing the Best Technologies to Yield Optimal Coverage
Cambium Networks' solutions employ the best technologies to yield optimal coverage and capacity to provide the highest business value. Network operators can have confidence in the company's trusted wireless experts who deliver solid connectivity solutions.

Hospitality Guest Wi-Fi Solutions for Improved Guest Satisfaction
Cambium Networks' hospitality solutions make it easy to satisfy guests with the ability to manage the entire network of switches and APs from a single console. Cambium's solutions also make it simple for hospitality owners to migrate to Wi-Fi 6 as guests bring their new devices. Furthermore, the company's fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technology is scalable with the ability to connect a single hotel venue or an entire resort campus. Most importantly, all solutions offered by Cambium Networks are economical and deliver a low total cost of ownership.

As innovators in radio technology, Cambium Networks delivers Wi-Fi 6, and centrally managed, purpose-built fixed wireless solutions that deliver multi-gigabit performance with high efficiency

The company's solutions are proven to satisfy hospitality venues. Damir Durovic, CEO of Reboot InfoGamer says, "During the six days of the event, tens of terabytes of information were handled for thousands of unique client devices. Cambium Networks delivered spot on in every single aspect".

Public Wi-Fi Solutions Offering End-to-End Connectivity
Configuring and maintaining the network is easy with Cambium Networks' cnMaestro management system as it simplifies installation and provides a complete view of network performance. Whether connecting a city square, an event venue, or a conference, people can get online quickly and enjoy a reliable experience using the cnMaestro management system.

In Europe, more than 1,600 municipalities are using Wi-Fi provided by Cambium Networks Wi-Fi equipment as part of the EU's WiFi4EU initiative. The major multi-year grant program provides public Wi-Fi connectivity to municipalities and associations across Europe.

Technology is always evolving. Today, wireless technology is deployed at a faster rate and lower cost than fiber. "Cloud-based management with automated provisioning minimizes setbacks while improving efficiency. Our solutions deliver the disruptively low TCO and are future-proof to gracefully evolve as needs and technology change," concludes Rajiv Kapoor.