Treya: Enhancing Security And Experience In Every Wifi Powered Environment

CIO Vendor The Wi-Fi solutions market is still not very specialized in India. With handheld devices outstripping demand for desktops & laptops, there is an unsatiable demand to be `always connected'. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) has added to the complexities of such networks. This solutioning requires an elite class of wireless solution providers who can research, survey, secure and manage this tottering beast. "Wireless is a whole group of technologies and is not limited to WiFi but also includes low energy Bluetooth (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC), ZigBee, InfraRed (IR), LiFi and more. The ease of connecting to networks through these access technologies are driving their growth in adoption, and we are assisting clients in that journey seamlessly," says Rajesh Pillai, MD & CEO, Treya.

Clients expect good WiFi solution, enhanced experience and top-notch security. Finding the right balance between these needs research on the type of users access the network, installing robust AAA service, network & peer isolation, proper patch management, intuitive multifactor authentication and 24x7 monitoring of network. This is an ongoing process and requires a constant intervention. The experts at Treya excel at it. Treya is a hardware and software agnostic wireless solution provider whose solutions are solely directed towards solving customer issues. It assists customers in leveraging their wireless capabilities and helps clients with monetization models, location based services, customer insights, retargeting their users, and more.

Treya is a pure play WiFi solution provider and specializes in provisioning and protecting WiFi environments. While most of the other companies are general system integrators that just happen to offer WiFi too, Treya is highly sensitized to various issues faced in a wireless
environment and is fully equipped to mitigate such issues. This makes the company a favoured wireless solution provider at mission critical sites such as banks, hotels, hospitals and others. The company offers its services to more than 200 such sites across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. "TreyaWiFi (one of Treya's offerings) is a cost effective, cloud based managed WiFi solution for smaller setups. This solution has all the necessary flavours of a good WiFi experience and decent security," adds Rajesh Pillai.

Treya has created a strong impact in the market with its highly certified technical and management team with a cumulative experience of more than 60 years in deploying efficient wireless solutions across industries. The company has accumulated international experience on best practices followed globally and uses best-in-class tools to accurately design wireless solutions. The company is favoured by OEMs who supply wireless devices to design networks for their customers.

Treya has accumulated international experience on best practices followed globally and uses best-in-class tools to accurately design wireless solutions

"We feel the market is still very ignorant about the impact of security; thus, we are helping customers to move away from open and unsecured networks by educating them on importance of security," adds Rajesh. Currently, Treya is working towards bringing-in more services using wireless as a backbone, including wireless casting services, interactive television, location based concierge solutions, room automation, key-less entry, and deep analytics.

In the next couple of years, wireless would be capable enough to replace conventional wired networks, and all devices would be connected to a wireless network. In this connected world, bandwidth, spectrum and security have to be managed efficiently. Treya is striving to be at this phygital edge connecting users seamlessly and securely to this new networked world.